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Our Custom Tours at Birding Adventure Philippines
Birding Adventure Philippines also offers personalized tours for birders who have less flexible schedules or for those who have schedule conflicts with our main tour. Whether it is a day, a week, or a month-long holiday, we’d be happy to do a custom-designed itinerary for you. These custom tours are also designed for individuals seeking specific island species, such as the very rare Sulu Hornbill, Calayan Rail, or the Zamboanga Bulbul which may be difficult to see in our regular main tour. We can offer these custom tours year-round so please email us for your preferred schedules and we’ll try to fix an itinerary for your birding holiday.

Beautiful sunrise in a birdwatching trip in Agusan Marsh, Philippines. Photo by Trinket Canlas/Birding Adventure Philippines

Beautiful sunrise in a birdwatching trip in Agusan Marsh, Philippines. © Trinket Canlas



Another option is to ask us for tour extensions of our main tour. If you have spare time before or after the tour, we can help you organize a birding sortie in far and remote birding sites such as Calayan Island and Hamut Camp up north, to the endemic-rich island of Mindoro, or to the mountains of Sulu and Zamboanga down south.

Custom tours are also excellent for birders who may want to experience other activities in the Philippines. Though the main focus of each of our trips is birding, we would be happy to design cultural, culinary and other outdoor activities for you.
Be it seeing century-old churches, tasting exotic delicacies such as balut (boiled duck eggs, don’t worry, they are just from domestic ducks), crunchy chicharon (deep-fried pork rinds), and delicious suman (rice cakes) desserts or visiting the mummified remains of ancient Igorot tribesmen, we can make sure that you will have the most exciting vacation in our beautiful Philippines.

For more information on our custom-designed tours, please email us or drop a note in our contact page here.


Century old churches one of the Philippines major attraction.

Century-old churches of Laguna. © Trinket Canlas



Visit the gallery for our pictures of Philippine birds
This Purple Swamphen was photgraphed in Agusan Marsh. Photo by Tere Cervero/Birding Adventure Philippines
Purple Swamphen
© Tere Cervero / BAP
This Spotted Wood-Kingfisher is one of the beautiful forest kingfishers endemic to the Philippines. Photo by Arnel Telesforo/Birding Adventure Philippines
Spotted Wood Kingfisher
© Arnel Telesforo / BAP
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